Recipes for success: Bacon and eggs for breakfast


This delicious breakfast dish is both great-tasting and it serves as fuel for the rest of your day. I like to eat this meal on game day or really any day where I need to be at my absolute best. You can whip this breakfast up in less than 20 minutes and get on with the rest of your day. My favorite thing to pair this dish with is a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and some fresh fruit, like blackberries or strawberries. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if you’re skipping out on breakfast you are seriously hindering your ability to perform.



3-5 Eggs - Organic Turkey Bacon - Spinach

Tomatoes - Avocado - Fresh fruit/juice

Step by step:

1. Prep by dicing spinach and tomatoes and setting aside for when your eggs are nearly finished cooking.

2. Cook your bacon in a medium sized pan with a little olive oil, cook on medium heat flipping every few minutes. When you take your bacon out is up to you but I like to give it enough time to reach a not too crispy finish. Take the bacon out and let cool on a plate with a paper towel on top.

3. In the same pan add your eggs and slowly keep them moving for a nice scramble, the leftover oil/fat from the bacon adds flavor and keeps the eggs from sticking to the pan. After around 3 minutes your eggs should be nearly finished and you can add your diced spinach and tomatoes. Stir them in and make sure your eggs are fully cooked before plating them.

4. Slice an avocado and select your favorite fruit or fruit juice and you’re ready to start you day off right. Enjoy!

Hoffman Pro Camps weekly roundup:

Week of August 26 2013:

Weekly news and updates from around the soccer world – updated every Friday

- Chandler Hoffman and other young LA Galaxy forwards receiving a world class education from two of the best in the league.

Landon Donovan makes headlines as he signs new multi-year deal with Galaxy and joins teammate Omar Gonzalez in national team call up.

- The LA Galaxy takes on San Jose in the intense rivalry that is the California Clasico. This will be the 68th meeting between the two teams since their first match-up in April 28, 1996 in which the Galaxy won 2-1. 

- Samuel Eto’o joins former coach Jose Mourinhio at Chelsea to wrap up a number of impressive summer signings by the emphatic Jose Mourinho.

Gareth Bale to Madrid rumors strengthen as transfer window nears close.

- Recently retired David Beckham found his way back to the pitch this week training with Chandler and the LA Galaxy.


Hoffman Pro Camps – Private Session

Hoffman Pro Camps

Hoffman Pro Camps held an hour long session with a promising young talent this week. We focused on improving his first touch with both feet, an important aspect of the game that must be cultivated from a young age. We also worked on turning and finishing with an emphasis on placement over power. It is important to develop proper techniques and create good habits in the early stages of the players development.

After our finishing session we focused on making dynamic and effective decisions in situations where you have a man advantage over the defender (2 vs 1). We finished with a small sided game (1 v 1 + 1) where the player was constantly faced with making decisions at game speed. These are some of the fundamentals Hoffman Pro Camps is committed to instilling in our clients as we aim to inspire players to reach their full potential. Start with passion, finish with success.

Hoffman Pro Camps

Recipes for success: Baked tilapia, Asparagus, Sweet potato fries

tilapia-asparagus-sweetpotatofriesThis simple dish requires little prep time and is a great healthy option for dinner or lunch. Fish is one of my favorite foods and is great for building lean muscle which is ideal for soccer. Pair with sweet potato fries and some fresh asparagus for a complete meal that hits all your needs as an elite athlete.


Tilapia fillets – Sweet Potato - Fresh asparagus

 Old bay seasoning – Fresh lime – Garlic

Step by step:

1. Season tilapia with your favorite seasoning, I like old bay right now but I switch it up time to time. Coat with olive oil and place on a baking dish lined with aluminum foil.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

3. Slice sweet potato into long or short strips and place in a bowl with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Toss until all the pieces are lightly covered in oil and season to taste.

4. Prepare asparagus by first washing and cutting any unwanted white ends, cut at a diagonal angle. Place 2 tbsp of olive oil and chopped garlic in a pan and bring to medium heat. Once asparagus is in pan let cook for 1 minute before reducing heat, cover and let cook on low while you tend to the rest of your meal.

5. Bake tilapia in the oven for around 30 minutes at 350 degrees, you’ll know its done when fish is flaky to the touch and white all the way through.

6. Bake sweet potato fries at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes. You can start them in the oven shortly after your fish but make sure to crank the heat up once your fish is out. Serve and enjoy!

Hoffman Pro Camps in San Diego


Hoffman Pro Camps had an awesome time today training some great up and coming players from the San Diego area. We started with some technical work to get the players moving followed by some 5 v 2 possession. The possession game serves as a warm-up both physically and mentally. We then moved in to a 4 v 4 v 4 possession drill that encourages quick thinking and ball movement. This is a great drill for larger groups as it relies on good communication and teamwork to be successful. Next we focused on finishing with a drill that implemented crossing with an emphasis on being clean with your first touch and clinical in the box. The session wrapped up with a few finishing games where the players competed with and against each other to raise their awareness in the final third. Start with passion, finish with success.

Hoffman Pro Camps

Guiness International Champions Cup kicks off tonight

Guiness International Chamions Cup

The Los Angeles Galaxy will kick off their Guiness International Champions Cup campaign against Real Madrid tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. The only MLS team participating in the tournament, the Galaxy is joined by some of the most prestigious and celebrated teams from around the world: A.C. Milan, Chelsea, Everton, Inter Milan, Juventus and Valencia CF.

The opportunity comes at a great time for in form striker Chandler Hoffman who has found the back of the net four times in his past two reserve league matches for the Galaxy. Tune in to the coverage over at Fox Soccer starting at 7 pm PDT, check out the links below for more information about the International Champions Cup and the LA Galaxy.

External Links:

-LA Galaxy depth to be tested in Guinness International Championship Cup

-Chandler Hoffman finally gaining traction with LA Galaxy in time for Real Madrid showdown

-Guiness International Champions Cup Official

-Fox Soccer TV Schedule

Chandler Hoffman goal give LA Galaxy reserves third straight victory

Chandler Hoffman

Chandler Hoffman added to his reserve league tally yesterday scoring the lone goal in a heated contest between the LA Galaxy and Colorado Rapids reserves. Hoffman struck in the first half after some good work from midfielder Michael Stephens freed up
Kenney Walker to find Hoffman in the box. The goal brings Hoffman’s reserve league tally to 5 on the season and extends the Galaxy reserves win streak to 3 with an overall record of 4-1-2.

External Links:

-Chandler Hoffman Scores again as LA Galaxy reserves defeat Colorado Rapids reserves

Hoffman with the hat trick – LA Galaxy reserves win big

LA Galaxy - 4
Chivas USA - 1
Monday, July 22, 2013
StubHub Center Field #6 – Carson, California
Scoring Summary:
LA – Chandler Hoffman 2 (Laurent Courtois 1, Jack McBean 1) 6’
LA – Chandler Hoffman 3 (Unassisted) 9’
CHV – Bryan de la Fuente 1 (Jose Manuel Rivera 2) 10’
LA – Chandler Hoffman 4 (Unassisted) 54’
LA – Jack McBean 1 (Penalty Kick) 69’

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-LA Galaxy earn 4-1 win over Chivas USA in Reserve League SuperClasico

-Chandler Hoffman looks to turn Reserve League hat trick against Chivas USA into first team minutes

-Chandler Hoffman ready for a fresh start with the Galaxy